You Like Coffee with Your Cream?

VICELAND, VICELAND, VICELAND. God, how I LOVE you! Your very liberal viewpoints, your need to open the public’s eye and how your way of doing so pisses off the conservative public. You are a gem. A perfect gem. The moment I knew of your existence, I told myself that someday, I will work for this network.

But then I began to realize something: I’m black. Not only am I black but I’m Nigerian-American. You would never hire me. At least not for anything in front of the camera. Sadly, as liberal as you are, you seem to be behind the racial curve.

And don’t ask “What about Desus and Mero?” What about them? Their show isn’t informative, isn’t primetime and frankly is garbage.  “Oh well, there’s Jamali.” Well, we kinda have him. You see, he’s only half black. (Sorry Jamali. I know that’s something you don’t like hearing but…) That’s the only reason he’s able to host and carry out that show. Those organizations only accept Jamali either because he’s light-skinned and unintimidating, or probably because they think he’s just a tan Caucasian. A dark skinned, black man could never host a show about discrimination, be immersed in it, all while learning its different ins and outs. He wouldn’t even make it past security.

What makes me even more upset and disappointed about your lack of blackness on your network is your thinking that it is okay to replace us. On both of your pro cannabis programs Weediquette and Bong Appetit there are hosts of color but of Asian descent. You’ve made it known that the cannabis industry is built on the backs and sufferage of Black people and how they are excluded from its now budding success. (pun intended) But you, who has a hand in changing it, chooses not to. To instead, turn a blind eye towards us even though, like you said, we created and fought (and continue to fight) for this industry.

Now I love Krishna and Abdullah but, given what you said (and probably already knew) about the industry, you could’ve chosen two more than qualified black individuals to speak on the subjects. They, more than anyone, know what it’s like to be rejected, restricted and discriminated against especially when it comes to cannabis. It’s like you knew that you couldn’t have caucasians as hosts for the shows because that would mean that the cannabis industry would be completely whitewashed and would turn poc away. But you couldn’t have black hosts because black people are intimidating and being black plus cannabis equals thug or gangster which would turn off middle class, white america. So what was your middle ground? Two nerdy, unintimidating Asian guys. “They have brown skin so it counts right?” Wrong.


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