So…it’s the first of the year. A time when everyone makes resolutions and promises to themselves to look better, do better, be better. Some are tired, annoyed even, of hearing of people’s self-made vows and will-dos, assuming they will remain exactly that; something they WILL do. But why?

I say “Onward and upward!”

Who are we to tell someone to stand down? To remain stagnant? To be mediocre? To do so would be reminiscent of the bully on the beach kicking the proverbial sandcastle. We should never be crabs in a bucket. We should strive to build each other up. Be the steps that others use to become better. That may sound a bit submissive but we all need a boost. Just as you will need someone’s help to become great, help another in their need as well.

We should promote betterment in every aspect of our lives. Let’s advocate new beginnings. Don’t discourage those that try. Don’t diminish those optimistic spirits. We should never give up on trying to move forward. We should always look to the light. And it’s okay to stumble, to fall, and even to stay down for a couple of minutes but always try to dust yourself off and get up again. After all, the best way to appreciate the stars is to view them from ground level.



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